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  • 09.10
  • How to Protect your Patient's Data from a Security Breach Data breaches can be devastating, and healthcare organizations continue to account for a significant share of reported data breaches. Why? Health care facilities carry some of the most sensitive data files, supplying hackers with the intel that has limitless potential to not only effect the health care organization that they have infiltrated, but also the patients involved in the breach.
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  • 09.03
  • Your child is studying abroad - what you need to know Did you know that more than a quarter million U.S. college students spend a semester or year at foreign universities studying abroad? It has become a very popular part of the college experience with nearly every college in the country offering some sort of study abroad program. However, there is a lot to think about before your student hops on that plane to another country and culture.
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  • 08.27
  • Back to School and Insurance - is your college student covered under your policies? Heading off to your first semester of college can be both an exciting and emotional time, and not just for the student! One often overlooked item is insurance. Should your college student remain on the family's auto policy? Are their personal belongings covered if there is a fire or theft in the dorm, or they lose them? What happens if they are sick and need to see a doctor, are they covered?
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  • 08.20
  • How to negotiate the buying price of a home after inspection When you buy a house, a home inspection is highly recommended. You aren't just buying a high-end kitchen, or cozy family room with a fieldstone fireplace, you are also buying any problems lurking behind the walls. The home inspector will look at structural issues and other potential problems that could make the home a bad investment. After the inspection is completed, you usually have about 10 days to pull out of the sale.
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