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  • 12.10
  • Best Practices for Selling your Medical Practice With all the upheaval in the insurance market, many smaller private physician groups are either selling or consolidating. Albeit a big decision, it doesn't have to be a painful one - the goal is to maximize the dollars and ease the transition for your staff and patients. Before you consider the sale, you'll need to determine what you want your role to be - will you retire, stay on as a staff physician, take on management and/or leadership roles - or a combination there of? Of course this is just some high-level personal things to consider, there are others such as business real property, equipment and other tangible items and employee benefits and everything in between.
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  • 12.03
  • Surprising Expenses You Don't Expect When Planning for Retirement When it comes to planning for retirement, the process seems pretty simple: contribute to your IRA or 401(k), put extra savings aside each month, and reduce your spending as much as possible as you get closer to retirement. Once you are ready to retire, you should be able to rely on a combination of your investments, Social Security, your savings and Medicare to cover your needs.
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  • 11.26
  • Telemarketers: How to spot them and how they get your number With the invent of email, instant messaging, texting and video chat it's become the social norm to ASK permission to call someone - especially in business. So why does it seem like our phones are ringing more and more? Well, odds are it's a telemarketer and their getting sneakier and sneakier - calling from "local" phone numbers to get you to answer. Telemarketing isn't necessarily illegal, but it's certainly annoying.
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  • 11.19
  • Financial goals to Strive for by the Time You're 30 When you are in your 20's you experience a lot of exciting changes in your life - graduating from college, starting your first job, buying your first car, getting your first apartment, etc. And of course not everyone moves at the same pace or takes the same path in life, but it is important to plan ahead and set some financial goals.
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