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  • 02.13
  • How to balance your checkbook and keep from being overdrawn In the age of PayPal, mobile payment apps like Apple Pay, and the use of automatic bill pay, the days of using the checking account register seem to have passed. BUT balancing your account really shouldn't be ignored. You'd be surprised at how many people overdraw their accounts simply because they don't balance their checking account!
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  • 02.06
  • Travel alerts - who should I call and why You've booked the flights and hotel, packed everything you need from bathing suits to running shoes, and set up someone to house sit and take care of the pets - you've covered all your bases for the start of an amazing vacation, right?! Almost! Setting up your finances prior to shuttling off to the airport requires some work. A short cash supply and a frozen credit/debit card during your trip can put a damper on your vacation really quick so make sure you take care of these before departing!
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  • 01.30
  • Credit Card vs. Debit Card - What's the difference and when should you use them "Will that be Credit or Debit?" Think about how many times a day, week, or month you get asked by a salesperson or a card reader if you're paying with Credit or Debit. For many it's a personal choice. Some prefer not to have credit cards, others like to rack up points for airline miles, cash back options and more.
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  • 01.23
  • 5 Things Business Loan Underwriters Are Looking For Most small businesses will need a loan at some point. Whether they need to get things off the ground or expand, financial backing is essential. Getting approved for the loan, isn't always so easy however. Underwriters can get picky about who they lend their coins to, but the feat is not impossible. Here's what to consider so you get approved.
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